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Unusual Terrarium

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Unusual Terrarium

Postby jamesism » Jul 15, 2010 1:00 pm

Hi there,

I'm a masters student at university, and I have a project in mind that is a little unusual but I think it's fundamentally the same as any other terrarium. So for many years I smoked marijuana, and I have a large 3 foot glass bong. Now that I've stopped smoking so much, and am more focused on being productive, I want to turn my bong into something I can look at and not think about getting high (and I don't want to just throw her away). So I was reading around on the internet about terrariums one day and thought that it would be a perfect way to turn this thing into something lasting, and awesome.

The reason I came here to ask you guys about it is because I have little to no experience with botany. The bong itself is three feet tall and made of glass that curves like an S out from a fairly large glass base. The bends in the S portion of the glass bulge out. What I'd really like to be able to do is fill the large base with soil, and have something that would grow up through the shape of the glasswork like a vine. Also, getting something to grow through the 'slide' part of the bong (a glass tube that enters the base from it's top side) would be cool, but I think this would require guiding a small plant out of the hole (which may be difficult with so little access to the inside). Plus I think this opening would be great for watering. But I digress.

How do I start with this? What do I need? What plants would be good for this? I have a spot that should get relatively good sunlight in my room and am itching to start this project. I've also considered making it into a fountain around which I could put potted plants, but that would be a lot more work. I can also get a picture of it on here when I get home from work if that will help. Any feedback you can give me would be great, even if its to just call me a stupid pot head!

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Re: Unusual Terrarium

Postby orchidguy » Jul 15, 2010 2:23 pm

The only plant I know that can do the task of growing through the long tubes and conforming to the shape of the bong, would be the cultivar of english ivy called "petit point". Its leaves are tiny and the growth is very dense.
I am not sure where you could find one now, I bought mine years ago from a mail order nursery (cant remember off hand which one)
If you do go with this, make sure not to set the terrarium/bong in direct sunlight, as it will create too much heat within the vessel and fry the plant.. If you do plant it up, would be interesting to see the pics of it in growth
Good luck and hope this has helped a bit
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Re: Unusual Terrarium

Postby skwij » Jul 17, 2010 7:55 pm

Hi jamesism and welcome!

How large an area is the main body of the bong? That will help determine what can and cannot be planted. Is it 6", 12" or larger? You may be able to do "bog plants" as well as the climber if you have a large enough area to actually plant things into.

Also, how are you physically planning on planting? You will probably need long tongs to manoeuvre the baby plantlets into the soil.

Depending on if you cap the openings, you could look at high-humidity plants, or more desert-like plants. Terrariums are great, if done right. Good luck, and keep us posted please!
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