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Postby souzdaltoronto » Sep 06, 2010 12:18 pm

Hello all,

New to the site here. I plant in containers, and would like to know what zone downtown Toronto is in. I know for a fact that our third floor, east facing deck is usually very hot in summer. Typically I buy drought resistant plants; the ones that say full sun haven't always done well. For example grasses are very suitable and I found this year that begonias are probably the best plant I have had for years.

If knew about zones I think that might make it a little easier to pick certain plants/flowers when I am at the nursery.

Appreciate your help.

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Re: zones

Postby Eeyore » Sep 07, 2010 12:15 am

Toronto iszone 6A according to the Weather Network but gardening in containers has special considerations. On an east facing balcony you'll get hot sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon depending on how tall the surrounding buildings are. You'll also be subject to more wind and potentially frost and cold in the winter months. As you've already found out some plants won't do well in pots and most pots will need water more than once a day.
If you want to keep plants over winter in the pots go 2 zones colder. In other words look fro plants rated zone 4 and make sure the pots are big enough so that the roots are not touching the sdes of the pots. Move them into the least windy part of the balcony during the winter or devise some kind of protective barrier to stop the worst of the cold winds.
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Re: zones

Postby Countryboy » Sep 08, 2010 4:12 pm

Ya gotta know where to go on this site for the climate zone info. :(

Fortunately, I do. :) lol

*So does Lyn but she' better with the 'container' part of the question. :wink:

But u might wanna keep this link to good links handy for reference. :)
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