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where to buy ammonium sulfate?

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Re: where to buy ammonium sulfate?

Postby jennifer-jy » Dec 13, 2010 2:39 am

Hi Peter, do you still need ammonium sulfate?
I have it. Please contact me. Thanks.
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Re: where to buy ammonium sulfate?

Postby mollyzone5 » Dec 15, 2010 11:45 am

I use MIR ACID,I think its called,It is a Miracle-Gro product,on my Blueberrys,they are plenty happy.
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Re: where to buy ammonium sulfate?

Postby Jeannie » Dec 15, 2010 12:57 pm

Aluminum sulfate is readily available on any shelf of a nursery or garden centre, comes in a
2 lb box with directions for use. Unless you have an extensive gardening use for this product, it can hardly do any harm to soil with acid loving plants although the suggestion is made to not use it around azalea or rhododendruns. It is commonly used to affect the color of hydrangea bloom. Personally, I think the pink of hydrangea outdoes the blue, sometimes I add just a bit on one side of my plants and I sometimes get a combination of color in the and blue. Be sure to water the product in.
These sulfur products, including ammonium sulfate, garden sulfur and such, are soil conditioners and as such not to be treated as a fertilizer.
There are a number of fertilizers for acid loving plants on the market with a high degree of nitrgoen. Miracid is one.
Superphosphate 0/20/0 and triple superphosphate 0/46/0 are highly recommended to push bloom on plants that, should bloom, but for any number of reasons, don't.
Sometimes when this happens the gardener is advised to try root pruning, put the plant into stress, it protects its self by trying to produce offspring and flowers to produce seed.
The phosphate products do the same thing. It is advised though to treat trees over an extended time, like a month apart beginning in March, April and May.
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