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Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

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Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

Postby mrschmitt » Jan 15, 2011 12:49 pm

My fiance and I are getting married on May 28th of this year. We have decided that for our wedding favours, we would like to do individual herbs for each guest. We have bought very small "mason" type jars with a flip lid that we will be using as our pots. They are approximately 5 centimeters in diameter. I have a few questions for everyone.
1. Since these are being grown in such small pots, we are looking for the prettiest, but yet easiest to grow herbs that can be grown (at least temporarily) in this size of pot. What herbs would you reccommend that we grow.
2. We don't want the pots to have only tiny little seedlings in them, but we also don't want the plants to be so big that they have already started to die. When should we be starting the seeds in these little jars? We are starting them indoors (obviously) under growing lamps.This is the one that we are most worried about. I guess if we had to, we would prefer that they were a little bit small instead of being a little bit dead.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
Matt and Michelle
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Re: Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

Postby Eeyore » Jan 15, 2011 1:40 pm

Hi Matt and Michelle. First of all CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you'll stick around and show us some pictures from your wedding and how the favours turn out!

5 cm is a small pot so you'll be looking for something on the smaller side. Most herbs will germinate fairly quickly so just about anything will be suitable as long as you start it at the right time. Remember that a lot of flowering plants are also herbs. Viola's are a good example, so are nasturtiums, there is basil which can be pinched to make it bushier if it gets too tall. As to when you should start the seeds, you'll have to check the packages. Do you have a colour scheme in mind? Violas or pansies can be started outdoors about 6 or 8 weeks ahead. Violas will not outgrow the size of pot you are talking about. The other herbs will be needed to be started indoors around the same time frame.
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Re: Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

Postby Sharon Bryson » Jan 15, 2011 5:14 pm

Hi Matt & Michelle........You haven't mentioned how many units of plant s you might need.
The one thing about the jar, other than perhaps being small, is that they have no drainage.
Small flower pots or cell packs cut into units might be better.
Both could be dressed up as you desire.

Herbs grown under lights are not as robust as those grown in a greenhouse. Wimpiness is likely to be a factor.
If you live anywhere near someone who " grows" or receives contract grown small plants just as the planting season is getting under way in May you might be able to get a variety of small plants quite reasonably.
I know here in NS it would be very feasible to do this.
If you obtained them around May1st, you could transplant them into your own pots and tend them for the short time before the wedding.

If you grow your own plants, they would be best grown in flats or cell packs rather than the "end" container for the first several weeks. Again , not knowing how many you need is a problem.
The choice of "home grown" plants is limited to those annual herbs such as Basil & Parsley.
There are a lot of interesting varieties of Basil which extends the option there.
Most perennial herbs are VERY slow from seed. Thyme grow fairly quickly, but is always a very "flimsy" plant until they get outdoors.
I suspect I haven't been much help....asking more questions than providing answers!

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Re: Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

Postby orchidguy » Jan 15, 2011 9:29 pm


Getting growing herbs this time of year is quite difficult, but might be feasable in May. If it becomes a task to try and find any, maybe you can put some glass beads in the jars, fill with water and stick sprigs of herbs in them for your guests to use when they bring them home.

In Victorian times, certain herbs and greens were put amongst blooms because they believed that certain plants had special meaning on a wedding day
Cedar......I live but for thee
Ivy.............wedded love, fidelity, friendship and affection devotion
Rosemary.....rememberance of this day
Wintergreen...harmony and peace

Just a thought, but one bloom surrounded by these herbs and green, would not only be inexpensive but I think quite pretty too.....oh yeah, and useful as well
Not been much help to you, but hope that everything turns out the way you want it to on your special day
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Re: Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

Postby CdnChelsea » Jan 15, 2011 10:10 pm

Love the idea! Congratulations on your up-coming wedding :D
But.....I agree with Sharon Brysons' post about the mason jars with no drainage holes. The plants roots should never be sitting in soggy soil for a long period of time. What happens is their roots will rot and the plant will eventually die. You really don't want that to happen.
I hope you don't mind if I make some suggestions to help you.
Using an alternative container which has a drainag hole gives the plant a much better chance at survival. An inexpensive place to find some small suitable containers for your project would be a Dollar Store. I wander through our local $ store all of the time looking for something inexpensive to use as a container for my gardening projects. To personalize the container of your choice, you could paint a design on them with crafters paint....sold at the $ store too.
Just before the wedding, to prevent the pots from leaking everywhere, wrap the container in a decorative plastic wrap using a ribbon and small bow to hold the plastic in place.

Or, like I have seen at a few wedding over the years, you could buy some small tree plugs. <my favourite wedding favour. I planted a few wedding favour 3" Blue Spruce plugs in our yard and now some of them are taller than our house. Those trees are much more special to us since they remind us of our friends and familys wedding.
Good luck with your project :)

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Re: Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

Postby mrschmitt » Jan 24, 2011 10:24 pm

Thanks for all your replies. We could use terra cotta pots but just haven't found the size that we want. These have holes in the bottom right? or would putting rocks in the bottom of the jars and then the dirt work to give it drainage? To answer some questions... We need to make about 125 herb favours. I would like the herbs to be just green with no flowers unless someone knows of one that has a royal blue flower. I have the worst green thumb in the world so any hints would be helpful. I am assuming that I need to start on this right away so thanks for any help.
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Re: Growing Herbs for our Wedding favours

Postby marvinl_12 » Jun 02, 2014 1:19 am

I don’t know but one of my friends is also planning the same things and he is finding it really difficult to manage posts and herbs. Any ideas for him so that I can help him.
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