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Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

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Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby Jersm » Sep 14, 2012 3:21 pm

So i was wondering why so many people are so inlove with visual plants. They spend money and time watering and raising flowers and other plants for visual aesthetics only.

personally I spend time growing veggies and fruits for their produce. everyday or so i water them i really dont mind because i know they will pay me back...

however i am always forced to water the rest of the plants like potted flowers and such.. I find it like a waste of time, money, soil and space.

just curious about what makes this group of people want to plant entire gardens of visual plants instead of fruits and veggies. :|
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby bluebird » Sep 14, 2012 4:18 pm

I can think of a few reasons, but here's 3 from my garden to start.... 8) ..just saying.



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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby Jersm » Sep 14, 2012 5:53 pm

those are some very nice pictures.

Personally i would just go out in the wild for insect and animal pictures. however i suppose there is some pride knowing those are your own plants and well contributing back to mother earths little critters.
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby bluebird » Sep 14, 2012 6:18 pm


I go out into the wild too, but also like to surround myself with all that is beautiful to me. It makes me happy. And you should surround yourself with what makes you happy...all good! :-)


(I grow veggies and herbs too; mixed in with the others. And, I support the local veggie farmers who sell at our farmer's market.)

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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby kelly_m » Sep 14, 2012 6:44 pm

because there is a beauty in flowers.

Yes there is a good thing raising your own food, but the aesthetics of flower gardening.....it is no different than decorating your house. buying a bed, painting a wall!

There also is the same pleasure of knowing what you have grown is your handi-work.

And then...you can sit back and watch....just look. It is peaceful and rewarding. And we don't have to go into the wild to enjoy the birds and the bees! LOL

It is almost an art......
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby Big Smile » Sep 14, 2012 10:08 pm

Oh Carol,, WOW,, beautiful photos!!

I have a garden where I grow veggies, raspberies and strawberries but my flower garden is much bigger. It is very rewarding to walk through the garden and see what new blooms there are , especially ones I grew from seed. There are so many different flowers for us to enjoy. Horticulture has become a very big organization! There are 278 Societies in 19 Districts with 30,000 members in Ontario alone.
I think that tells you that Flowers are important.
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby orchidguy » Sep 14, 2012 11:33 pm


I have come to the conclusion, that although life is filled with "needs", there are also "wants" that are needed for no other reason than to make my life a little more beautiful, and that is where the flower gardens come into play.

I grow much of my own food, and is very satisfying to do so, but the beauty of the gardens feed my heart, soul and mind. This is the very reason why I hang works of art on my walls and visit beautiful places globally to take in the scenery.

In my opinion , the money spent has been more than worth every penny because the rewards given back are ten-fold. Sometimes life is more than taste.

BB, have said it many times in the past, ......your photos are breath taking
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby DonnaZn2SK » Sep 15, 2012 12:51 am

I have a sloped backyard; the vegetable garden is terraced and at the top of the slope. I have French doors with large windows that look out onto my yard which is landscaped with several flower beds. I look out several times a day and thoroughly enjoy the view. It would be so depressing in the summertime to see nothing but grass and weeds, which is what my new neighbours look at in their yards. I do like a productive garden, but aesthetics are important to our lives too.

I am married to an engineer and I have an art background - total opposites. My husband once commented about some controversial art-related article in the paper, and how it was such a waste to provide money for the arts. I mentioned to him that art and culture is what makes us human. Art and creativity is all around us, it doesn't have to just be a painting on a wall.
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby Dumbo » Sep 15, 2012 12:56 am

Jersm, I am in total agreement with your outlook of it.
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby B_BQ » Sep 15, 2012 7:50 am

I'm with Donna and Dan.
I too like to grow a few veggies and herbs, and tomatoes of course, and the resulting harvest gives us a great deal of pleasure.
I'm not much into a formal 'garden' and I probably have far too much crammed into the flower/shrub/tree gardens. But oh my, there is so much beauty and colour, and an endless variety of shapes and forms.
How could one not be gobsmacked at a wisteria in full bloom, or a rambling or climbing rose, each petal folded to perfection, or a sweet honeysuckle alive with bees, two or three clematis growing together, each one different, but each as beautiful as the next. Think of the magic of a gorgeous magnolia in spring - covered in flowers with no leaf in sight.
And what about the perfection of a water lily - so gracefully floating atop a pond! How pleasant to brush against low-growing lavendar and be surrounded by its glorious perfume ..... and so on!
Our home is filled with art we've collected over the years and makes our house a home.
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