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Some of my "Stunning" flowers

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Some of my "Stunning" flowers

Postby agedgardener2 » Sep 16, 2012 4:27 pm

Here are a few o my flowers that are still booming.The description of this forum said "stunning" .I don't know if mine are stunning but here they are.
The last flowers o summer 023.JPG
Probably the last rose of Summer
The last flowers o summer 018.JPG
Clara Curtis Chrysanthemum
The last flowers o summer 018.JPG
The last flowers o summer 002.JPG
Turtle Head
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Re: Some of my "Stunning" flowers

Postby Eeyore » Sep 16, 2012 9:35 pm

Wow! Still going strong Joy. Things are cooling down quite quickly at night here so time to start putting everything to bed for the winter.
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Re: Some of my "Stunning" flowers

Postby PaulON » Sep 19, 2012 10:14 am

They are truly stunning, but as it was said - prepare them for the winter before it's too late!
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Re: Some of my "Stunning" flowers

Postby RubyTuesday49 » Oct 15, 2012 10:53 pm

Wow! I love the Turtlehead! I don't recall seeing them before - course my memory often messes with me. Very pretty colour - do they come in different colours? I must look them up - I don't have much room left but I'm always open to new plants! LOL
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