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Bushes and trees contained in volcanic rock.

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Bushes and trees contained in volcanic rock.

Postby Jeremyschubert » Jun 03, 2013 6:50 pm

Newbie gardener with two questions about the garden in the house we purchased.

1. My bushes and trees are surrounded by volcanic rock. The only good I see for volcanic rocks are for kids to throw them at each other. Outside the cost of labor and purchasing soil, is there any reason not to substitute soil for the rocks? Do I even need to have the bricks around the tree and bushes if I have soil instead of rocks? Can I have a ring thing like my neighbor's tree (see picture) or just grass and no rocks or soil?

2. The roots of my tree are not completely underground. Other then not being 'pretty' it doesn't seem to cause any problems. Is there anything I could/should do about the roots?

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Re: Bushes and trees contained in volcanic rock.

Postby conniepr » Jun 04, 2013 8:21 am

I would say the answer is all of the above. You could do any of it. I would definitely get rid of the rock. If the roots are too close to the top, I might add at least some peat moss and then maybe some composted manure before covering all with some type of mulch. I'm not sure if those rubber tree circles would be good for the tree if the roots are too close. They get really hot in the sun and might cook the roots. On the other hand, so probably did the volcanic rock! I wonder how long the rock was there.
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