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Not much...

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Not much...

Postby conniepr » Jun 14, 2013 8:51 am

Not much happening on this forum this year, on any of the subject sections. I have really enjoyed this site over the past few years. I get excited about my yard, but don't have anyone to share that excitement with. I enjoy seeing what others are doing, as well, but... this year, not many people are posting. LOVED the "nothing here don't look" post. Turned out quite amusing! :)
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Re: Not much...

Postby lilybulb » Jun 14, 2013 10:12 am

Thats because the "clique" has moved somewhere else.I would rather interact with a few nice people than a group who wants to dominate,and ignore people who they don't want to let in.Sure there are not many here now,but with me the growing season keeps me outside.
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Re: Not much...

Postby Countryboy » Jun 14, 2013 12:01 pm

I get lots of 'social' thru Facebook. In here?? I pop in two or three times a day to see if any advice from me might come in handy.

To the best of my ability, I much prefer to answer gardening questions. So I don't mind the change in the forum. :)
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Re: Not much...

Postby conniepr » Jun 14, 2013 8:29 pm

I do Facebook with family members, to keep in touch, but I've found that most of them aren't really interesting in gardening (and I have a HUGE family all across Canada). My posts get a few "likes" but very little in the way of instigating conversations.
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Re: Not much...

Postby Laura » Jun 14, 2013 10:46 pm

I joined this forum in 2004 and it was wonderful.I made many friends and loved talking and learning about gardening here.I did not leave because I was part of a " clique" I left because the forum did not work for many months and all my e-mails to the company were ignored.

When a new forum was started and this one gave me no indication if or when it would be fixed then I went elsewhere.I still check here now and then but it still is not working properly.I do feel bad about that because I know what this forum was once.

I hope that everyone here has a great gardening season and I hope I am still welcome to come visit once in a while.
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Re: Not much...

Postby conniepr » Jun 15, 2013 4:56 am

Well, Laura, I certainly say you are welcome to visit/post and I can't imagine anyone ever saying you weren't welcome to. That's what this site is for. Most everyone here has always been very friendly, at least since I've been on the site (since at least 2010).

I haven't ever had any troubles posting. The only problem I've ever had is it doesn't like large size photos, so I have to resize everything first. But, I can see how/why it is set up that way and I know I could change a setting on my camera to take lower quality photos, I just don't. Too lazy. :)
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Re: Not much...

Postby Knitwitch » Jun 15, 2013 8:27 am

I used to come here a lot a few years ago and then things kinda went wonky (I think the site crash or whatever that Laura mentioned) and then I got into blogging and Facebook and knitting kind of took hold so now I have 2 obsessions, depending on the season and mood. I'm back now though and in a new home so am having to start alll over AGAIN with gardens and I too love to chatter about my yard but everyone I know is kinda sick of it. LOL I try to pop in a couple times a week or so depending on work, kids, etc. :mrgreen:
Alison, in zone 5b Nova Scotia
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Re: Not much...

Postby davefrombc » Jun 21, 2013 12:25 pm

Those that think there was a "clique" controlling everything need to give their head a shake . Those that think a gardening forum should be only about gardening and not a community with many interests and interactions are free to go to a site where everything is cut and dried gardening questions only. We regulars on the CG site left simply because CG wasn't working , and e-mails to CG and the parent company were ignored . .The site was unusable and the administrator was powerless. She had to refer everything to a tech crew that simply didn't give a damn. Everyone here is welcome to also join the community formed as a result .. You will find all the old active members there and yes, we don't just talk gardening. One difference in joining is that you have to register and be approved by the administration to join.. That is simply and effectively to stop the spammers that have been so active here.. It is not to maintain any imagined "cliques". I can assure you, you will be welcome, and the site has several moderators , not just two, but we've never yet had to remove spam.. One spammer that managed to join, didn't last long, and the site owner killed the spam before any of the moderators or members even saw it.
As you can see , I still check into this forum, as do some of the other old members , but I seldom post now. I leave that to those that want to be the all knowing source of gardening only answers. I will help when I can, but the majority of the time I'm on the other site. As Kat said .. Come to the other site as a guest .. poke around a bit. Join us if you wish . I wish CG and its administrator all the best .. I hope she gets all the support she and the members deserve. I remain a member, just not as active as I was.
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Re: Not much...

Postby B_BQ » Jun 21, 2013 5:59 pm

I too joined this CG site many many moons ago. I had a very simple question at the time, and it was answered promptly and kindly. I took a look through the other 'rooms' and found a really nice group of people. Over the years, as in 'real' life, I was drawn to some people more than others.

There have been spats over the years, and again, as in real life, there have been some nasty individuals. Fortunately most of them dropped by the wayside.

The CG forum of course changed over the years, some changes not for the better. No-one seemed to be able to understand the concept of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. Instead, it was constantly being tweaked, changed, reformatted, and eventually it just didn't work. It didn't work for a long time. Tara, the administrator, did all she could for us, but she was spitting against the wind. The IT people, as Dave said it so well, didn't seem to give a damn.

It was so frustrating for those of us who enjoyed the concept of chatting about our gardens, asking questions, and some just chatting about things other than gardening in the 'Over the Garden Fence', or the 'Patio' as it used to be called in the old days.

One of the members asked those of us he'd had contact with what we thought about trying to get another gardening/chat forum going. I think we all jumped on board immediately. He didn't have any experience, just a willingness to try to prevent losing contact with all the people we'd each got to know over the years. The Canadian Gardening forum had been very sick for a very long time and no help to get it well was forthcoming.

A new site was started, Canadian Green Thumbs, (Katherine has included the link above), and almost without exception everyone went over.

Canadian Gardening knew it was happening, but still seemed to be unwilling to do anything about fixing the CG site.

With a few exceptions everyone is now over there, getting along very well, talking about gardening, showing off their blooms and veggies, disagreeing occasionally, but remaining friends.

There are always going to be those, who feel left out, to accuse others of being in a 'clique', but I can assure you that you'll find no cliques over at Green Thumbs, just a bunch of us who enjoy chatting about gardening, trips, food, kids, babies, parents, et al.

Our moderators, (I believe 6 of them), are open-minded and fair, and not one person can make unilateral decisions.
When changes need to be made, the membership are asked for their opinion, and how best to go about it.

I should also mention that there are no annoying adverts - and there won't be. If the site does start to advertise it will be with the blessing of the membership. It's our forum for us!

Come and check it out. If you don't like it, or feel unwelcome, then you can leave and know that you have at least had a look.

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South/Central Ontario

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Re: Not much...

Postby mollyzone5 » Jun 21, 2013 6:58 pm

I myself joined here in 1999,as I had just got my first computer,and this is the first forum I joined.I met so many nice people you could talk to,laugh with,share seeds with,it was great.I really loved to see pics from other provinces as I am not a traveller,and even seeing what other gardeners grow in their zones.Then the problems started,and it started to become frustrating,can't log on,can't post,lost friends by not being able to access the forum.I moved on to other forums,checking in here now and then,just to find spam everywhere,so basicly gave up.
It does seem to be working better,but still being spammed regularly,and alot of posters don't seem to come here too much.
CGT,is the place to be for friendly conversation,great pics,and dependability of the forum.
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