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Re: Not much...

Postby Countryboy » Jun 22, 2013 7:27 am

Dave, BBQ, and Katherine... u are all experienced forum hands. U know the rules in forums. Using an existing forum to promote a new forum has never been allowed. It's like using the members of this forum,,, AND it's boards... to promote your kitchen cabinets.

Some of u are friends of mine, or acquaintances at least, and it's good to see y'all still popping in from time to time. But it would be great if u would keep your comments to the point of a thread. And not to promoting your new forum.
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Re: Not much...

Postby conniepr » Jun 22, 2013 9:37 am

Countryboy, I understand your comment and some of what you say is true and there is reason for it, however, they were keeping to the topic of the original post. I had posted that saying "not much happening here" because I was missing the others that used to post. I'm thankful for their comments and the tip, but wondered about posting the link as the wrong people might find them as well as me. I'm still thankful that she did as now I know I can go somewhere where there is more of the activity that I so enjoyed.
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Re: Not much...

Postby davefrombc » Jun 22, 2013 11:24 am

Frank.. We are not promoting the site Dan set up.. We merely told Conniepr where we all are .. To illustrate part of the problem here , I checked into the forum just before heading to bed last night.... and nearly every topic had those kitchen cabinet spam postings in them .. I see they are all gone this morning .. Good, but before, you know well they and other spam posts might last for days .. When the other forum was set up , CG was entirely unusable and very often didn't even load ..
Yes using one forum to promote another is very bad form ; but , when referring to an item in another forum or website, it is also courtesy to give credit for the source. I normally post the source of information on a subject when I refer to it as an answer to a question , rather than try to claim it is from my own experience. Usually the information is also much better presented than I could do .
That is hardly promoting another site, rather than giving credit where credit is due.
Our replies were also in answer to accusations that were entirely untrue as to why the site was set up.. Had CG and TC media given Tara the support she deserves, and fixed CG in a timely fashion, CGT would never have come into being.
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Re: Not much...

Postby Katherine » Jun 22, 2013 11:59 am

Frank, in fact there is no rule on this particular site regarding posting links to other forums. There were rules developed by the two moderators Lyn and Kelly (since resigned), but they were mostly about flaming, etc.

So to that end I did some research, my search string was "links to other forums" and the cross section of rules/opinions was interesting. Here are the first ones that popped up, all pretty much responses to a the question posed by members to the administration/moderators of their particular forum of choice:

1. CNET electronic hardware forum: VERY restrictive about posting links to other forums and explains this is conflicting with potential revenue.
2. FLIKR user forum: advise on how to link forums together so everyone can see your photos, very open. Advice on how to sever links.
3. Poker site: very openly posts links to other forums on the game
4. Adventure ATV riders: very openly posting links to other forums
5. EDC manufacturers of wooden handled guns, knives, watches with wood features forum (whew!): Guarded permission to post links to other forums, but also a statement I found interesting; "We dont want any cross-forum drama"
6. Liverpool football club forum: Question of whether or not links to other forums was posted but answered vaguely but politely, taken off line, and frozen.
7. Brahman spirituality forum: similar to the poker forum, exceptionally open to other forums to the point of listing them.

So in fact there are no hard and fast rules, and especially not here. A trend appears to be that the more commercial the forum (i.e. advertizements) the less open to identification and discussion of other forums.

One thing I wanted to point out was that the new site was started because we all were getting ready for our fabulous Alphabet Soup of photographs of garden plants A through Z(ed), right when this site at Canadian Gardens was at its most SPAM infested, frozen and inaccessible. Our new site has great photographic capability, but we have had a period of preparation on a "draft" site and are now learning a new one. The Green Thumb site is a democratically run site where the rules were developed by the memberships moderators, and voted on by the membership. While I miss some of the folks who have remained here, I sure dont miss the problems.
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