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Help me grow my kitchen herb pot

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Help me grow my kitchen herb pot

Postby JasonDunn11 » Jun 15, 2013 7:15 am

I'm trying to grow some holy basil which is impossible to find around here. I've never grown anything before but have some old pots and soil I could borrow from my parents.

I'm pretty sure they just have cheap soil, does that really matter?

They don't have fertilizer and I heard fish emulsion is good for herbs, but this is in doors, would that stick up the whole place if I used that in doors?

If I had a 8 inch diameter pot, could I just throw in the seeds in there to grow? Or would I have to space them out?
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Re: Help me grow my kitchen herb pot

Postby Jersm » Jun 25, 2013 7:36 pm

plants will grow in almost any soil, they just need a loose soil. I mean ive dug up dirt from outside once and i grew some tomato seeds.

the more space the better for a plant. once the plants get larger too many plants in one pot will take over the pot and be "pot bound" they will no longer have enough space to keep growing roots and might start dying.

secondly they need a good light source for photosynthesis. a window with direct sunlight is okay as long as they get like 4-6 hours of light minimum. the less light they get the slower they grow and they grow tall and skinny trying to reach a good light source.( in nature they think they are shaded)

and finally ive used old soil from 1-2-3 years from the past ive left in pots and ive grown tons of seeds successfully. any potting soil will do good enough without having to buy fertz.
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Re: Help me grow my kitchen herb pot

Postby goodguys3 » Feb 22, 2015 12:58 pm

You can use any kind of grow medium but with it you have to use phase wise nutrient with balanced pH level. You can use advanced nutrients products cause they use built in pH balancing chemical for plant. You can use advanced nutrient grow, bloom and micro for better grow in each growth stage. You can review this indoor gardening & hydroponic supplier website for help or query
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