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Honey bees are quickly disappearing

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Honey bees are quickly disappearing

Postby Jersm » Aug 02, 2013 9:57 am

yes i know there are a lot of articles but for those who dont know, they found that

"new research shows that bees exposed to common agricultural chemicals while pollinating US crops are less likely to resist a parasitic infection.

As a result of chemical exposure, honey bees are more likely to succumb to the lethal Nosema ceranae parasite and die from the resulting complications."

"UMD and DOA researchers found that pollen samples in fields ranging from Delaware to Maine contained nine different agricultural chemicals, including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and miticides. One particular sample even contained 21 different agricultural chemicals. To test their theory, they fed pesticide-ridden pollen samples to healthy bees and then infected them with the parasite. They found that the pesticides hindered the bees’ abilities to resist the infection, thus contributing to their deaths. The fungicide chlorothalonil was particularly damaging, tripling the risks of parasitic infection. "

proud to be 100% chemical/fungicides free garden so bee's are free to harvest my healthy pollen!i have been seeing more bee's lately but the smaller kind. ive only been able to spot a hand full of large honey bee's lately. :|

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Re: Honey bees are quickly disappearing

Postby Jersm » Aug 02, 2013 10:41 am

ive kept reading and im shocked to hear about the company Monsanto and how they pump so much chemicals in nature and have been blamed as a main factor for CCD.

"A class of pesticides called neonicotinoids that disrupt the central nervous system of pest insects, are some the most concerning. And Monsanto puts them on some of its seeds."

so monsanto to create a company called beelogics ( they use more chemicals to try to combat the side effects from their original chemicals....
now talk about trying to create super bee's....

why fix something thats not broken... anyways and interesting read if you have the time about monsanto "pretending to be helping the bee's" ... conference
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