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Tomatoes and late blight

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Tomatoes and late blight

Postby Spin_86 » Sep 06, 2013 2:00 pm

We have had a horrid summer with about 6 straight weeks of rain and very little warm, sunny weather. My tomatoes were doing very well early on, but after the rain they appear to have gotten late blight. I am only in my 4th year of gardening and haven't experienced this particular fungus so I didn't recognize it until noticing the spots on the actual fruit. I could not find any copper fungicide locally so I am wondering if I can just harvest the (mostly green) fruit now and salvage some. The few I have picked, a couple developed darker spots but most of them look okay. Can I just cut off the spots and use the rest and the ones without spots? Or does this disease affect the taste as well? I had a total of 42 plants, so would really like to salvage some of the harvest if at all possible. Would appreciate any advice!
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Re: Tomatoes and late blight

Postby Justanotherider » Feb 04, 2014 11:56 pm

Just joined the forum and noticed your unanswered question - sure hope people are customarily more responsive...

My answer would have been to suggest giving your guesses a shot. I think you could just cut out the bad spots and process the rest.

So - how did you make out?

I had some leaf mould on some of my plants and did a bit of research on prevention. The suggestions I found were to space rows very far apart and to plant rows such that the prevailing wind can blow down the length of the rows. I'm going to try just one long row the length of my plot this year.
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