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Black spots on tree branches

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Black spots on tree branches

Postby fulcrum » May 10, 2014 10:04 pm

Hi All,

First time poster. I have a fairly large yard in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan. Almost all of my leafed trees have black spots on the branches that are swollen. I have trimmed the trees as these show up, but they have now gotten to a place on the tree that means I would have to cut half of the tree down. I looked over the fence to my neighbours years and his trees have the same problem. I don't see it on the spruce trees.

Does anyone know what this is? Is there a type of tree I can plant that won't be susceptible to this problem?

Thanks for any input!
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Re: Black spots on tree branches

Postby conniepr » May 16, 2014 7:49 am

I had to cut down six may day trees because of this. It is very contagious and I didn't want to lose my crab apple tree that was right near by. Then, years later, I realized that there are many trees in our neighbourhood that are full of these black spots/clumps and those neighbours are doing nothing. It looks terrible, especially in the winter when you can see it all. I'm glad I got rid of mine, but I'm lucky that I had too many trees on our property already anyways.

Sorry to hear about your tree. I had no luck with trying to get rid of this by cutting the infected branches, even though I followed all the rules: bleach the cutting blades each cut, remove the branches immediately and take them away for burning, etc. Didn't stop it from showing up on remaining branches the next year. and the next! So I got rid of those trees.
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