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New (to me) home, neglected yard

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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby Jersm » Jul 26, 2013 5:53 pm

i watched my neighbor use this machines looks like a lawn mower but just scratchd off the top layer of sod. I suppose it would be good in this instance before putting seeds.
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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby socialbutterfly » Jan 03, 2014 10:06 am

Hi Tical;
Here`s my humble observation.

You have two beautiful healthy trees, one shrub and a drainage tube.
It will be a continuous battle growing grass there.

What about turning your space into a perennial garden for the neighbours?
First thought - it will be expensive - yes maybe - but you`ll only be doing it once.
Once you start planting - some of the neighbours will more than happy to share clippings and divisions of their stuff.

I also just move and bought most of my plants on sale starting as early as August.

Next - will be preparing the flower bed.
It looks like that space was already a flowerbed and it`s just overgrown.
I would dig it up by the sidewalk and just sheet mulch the rest. Adding top soil to hold down the sheet mulch until the space is all filled in with plants.
I would finish it off with pretty mulch, rocks, driftwood etc.

Where the drainage tube is - it could be turned into a dry river bed.

My humble suggestions. :-)
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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby Tical84 » May 19, 2014 9:42 pm

Thanks socialbutterfly, I wasn't expecting a reply in the middle of winter.

Which "space" are you referring to? The space in the first photo? That large evergreen (I'm still not exactly sure what kind it is) is on the south side of my yard so it blocks the sun all the way to the walkway in the middle of the yard. The grass grows decent on the north side of the walkway. I feel like I won't get much growing in that entire area.
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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby tricone » May 21, 2014 8:49 pm

Put something suited for acidic soil and shade under the spruce. Grass will never grow there. Perhaps some blueberries? The bushes have lovely red leaves in autumn - and give you berries, of course! Or maybe astilbes, which look beautiful in summer.
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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby oldgal75 » May 23, 2014 4:14 pm

I don't know how your garden is coming along but I do wish you the very best of luck. I haven't time today to read the entire thread but I do agree with the person who suggested hostas. I have a patch of six hostas completely shaded by a very tall spreading pine (in the neighbour's garden) with six astilbes in between them. They all seem perfectly happy there and have been in place now for five years. They bloom at different times but the leaves of both varieties are interesting all summer long. Behind and among them, I have periwinkle (vinca) which is happy anywhere there is some shade and spreads quite quickly. The little flowers are the most heavenly blue and the leaves a pleasing dark green and shiny. I'm in the process of reducing lawn as much as possible - it doesn't flower, it isn't scented (except when it's mown) and it just lies there being green and growing. A complete waste of space and time in my opinion! I don't think hostas and astilbes need any more bed preparation than most gardeners would consider normal - some decent compost, peat moss and a tad of sheep manure mixed into a generous hole for each - works for me! And don't forget a little diatomaceous earth raked in just below the surface - since we no longer use pesticides - and if you want to keep any grubs at bay.
Have a happy gardening summer . . .
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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby Tical84 » Jun 02, 2014 11:18 am

Ok well I've started off doing a combination of what everyone had said. Hopefully that works as opposed to over doing it and getting no results. I started by digging out the weeds I could. Some broke but most I got all of the root out. Then I scratched up the lawn with a rake and over seeded. This was all done two weeks ago and it rained pretty much every day since then. I tried to cover the seeds so hopefully the rain didn't wash them all down the street but so far I see no difference...except for the comeback of the weeds :( . I still haven't mowed for fear of tossing any non-germinated seeds around. This was all done on the north side of my lawn BTW, the area away from that large tree. I have some soil being delivered on Wednesday for an area in my backyard so I think I might try again tossing some good soil on top.

That's all assuming no one has a better idea for that area?
Also, what is your favourite seed for over seeding? There are so many options out there.
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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby klarakos » Aug 04, 2014 3:13 am

I don't like 'digging things up'. My preference is to overseed, and improve the soil gradually... keeping what u have, and adding to it. It's easier to work with the lawn that's there than to create an entirely new lawn. *IMO*
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Re: New (to me) home, neglected yard

Postby hazimkazim » Dec 10, 2014 4:17 am

I agree with JERSM's comment about that
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