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10 gorgeous gardening accessories

Natalie Bahadur

Excited for spring? Shop for these fun, funky and colourful additions to your garden and patio


7. Weathered metal wall planter
This summer, make your garden vertical! This wall-mounted iron trellis features five rings you can use to display a variety of different blooms. Featuring an eye-catching arch and diamond pattern, this is one way to add a whole new dimension to your garden.
Available at: Pottery Barn stores and online
Price: $129


8. Stackable totem planter
These glazed terracotta planters add a splash of colour to your garden (we love the bright, sunny, yellow ones!) Designed for stacking, these planters can be layered to add height and drama to your garden display. They’re perfect for succulents and a great fit for small spaces where you need to maximize vertical space.
Available at: West Elm stores and online
Price: $40.98

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