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10 pretty planters

Dress up your deck, balcony or front porch with attractive containers to display your favourite flowers and plants

You carefully water, fertilize and prune your plants and you nurture your flowers from seeds to blooms. With all the care and time you invest in your garden, it would be a shame to dull the beauty of your labours by planting 'em in some beat-up old containers. Display your plants and flowers in pretty pots to truly make them shine.

The following 10 planters will add some style to your yard and enhance your garden's décor.

planters-1soho.jpg1. Simply modern
This Soho planter strikes a simple and sleek pose in solid charcoal or chocolate with a sand-blast finish. A perfect, distraction-free backdrop for your most gorgeous foliage and blooms, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity and style of this resin planter.
Price tags
$8.99, 12" x 12" x 12"
$11.99, 14" x 14" x 14"
$24.99, 11" x 11" x 17-1/2"

Buy it at: Home Depot stores and at

planters-2naturalstone.jpg2. Weathered classic
The natural stone look of this fiberglass pot will be right at home outdoors and on your deck. Its worn-in finish gives it a modest—but no less stunning—appeal. Raising your blooms off the ground and up to a position where they can be better admired, an urn-shaped planter won't disappoint when you want to make a beautiful impression.

Price tag
$69.96, 28"

See product at: Buy it at Wal-Mart stores.

planters-3agedcopper.jpg3. Aged copper
A rustic beauty in an aged copper finish, this "Tambore" planter oozes sophistication and historic charm. It's made of polypropylene, so it'll withstand the elements for years, but its worn-in look will deceive unknowing admirers into thinking it’s a precious family heirloom.

Price tag
$28.99, 16"

Buy it at: Rona stores or at

planters-4clovis.jpg4. Flower power
Add a little oomph to your garden décor with the blooming pretty pattern of the Clovis planter. The subdued sooty grey of this square fiberglass planter will contrast nicely when you fill it with rich green foliage. And pink, violet, white or orange flowers will pop against this planter’s neutral grey tones.

Price tag
$52.99, 16" (Also available in a 16" urn for $57.99 or a 23-1/2" window box for $46.99)

Buy it at: Home Depot stores and at

planters-5tuscan.jpg5. Tuscan glory
Display your favourite plants in these Tuscan urns and bring Italian charm to your outdoor living space. These watertight, Old-World-style containers evoke the rustic and casual style of the European countryside and are sure to get noticed. Hand-crafted and glazed with a crackle finish, these terra cotta ceramic beauties are at once special and casual.

Price tag
$249, extra large

Buy it at: Pottery Barn stores.

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