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11 gardening gloves you’ll love

Need a hand to keep your manicure from going grubby in the garden this summer? Check out the best pairs of gardening gloves you’ll want to get your hands on this season.

Thorns, dirt, splinters, calluses and blisters can really hurt your hands while you’re tending to the garden this season. But savvy green thumbs know that a great pair of gardening gloves is essential so you can focus on sowing, mowing, weeding and pruning the day away. Yes, you can have a blooming pretty garden and save your manicure, too.

Whether you reach for inexpensive cotton for lightweight tasks, durable leather, or rubber for grip, there are plenty of great gardening gloves that deliver function and fashion. Click your way through the following great options.

1 Essential gloves
Light-duty gardening like digging, planting and weeding doesn’t require bulky gloves so pick up a pair of these comfy ones. Made of soft nylon, a breathable knit and foam latex, they shape to your hands and keep you clean and dry. Essential gloves, Williams-Sonoma, $15.86.

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