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Feel good about improving your garden with these environmentally friendly items

treekit.jpg Plant a Tree—Save the Planet Growing Kit Includes biodegradable pot made from rice, bamboo and coconut; growing medium; and one of nine outdoor or four indoor plant options; $14; from Ecoculture/Seracon. Photo courtesy of Evoculture/Seracon.
copperbells.jpg Rain Chain Directs rainwater into a container or potted pond; made from copper or brass; available in a variety of styles; shown, Copper Bells, length, 8.5', $212; from Raven Metal Products Ltd.
lounger.jpg Chaise Lounge Made from reclaimed cork; naturally waterproof; 72" l x 20" w x 26" h, US$4,988; from Branch . Photo courtesy of Branch.
worm.jpg The Worm Factory—Composting Worm Bin System Constructed from recycled material, odourless bin can be used indoors or out; composter, $99.95; worms sold and shipped separately (1 lb., $49.95); from Veseys. Photo courtesy of Veseys.
weeders.jpg From left: Soil Scoop Great for planting in compact corners; stainless-steel serrated edge, cushioned, colourful grip; 12" l, $18; from Gardenscape Tools. Sea Harvest Plant Food Fish fertilizer, 2-3-0; cold-pressed to preserve nutrients; doesn’t smell; 1 L, $19.99; from Natural Insect Control. Elimaweed Non-selective herbicide made from vinegar and clove oil; leaves no residue; $12.99; from Greenstar Plant Products .
barrel.jpg Rain Barrel Constructed from torrefied wood, Ecolo rain barrel is waterproof and freeze resistant; comes with filter; 65 gallons, $204; from Rona.
gloves.jpg West County Gloves Available in various colours and styles, each pair is made from one recycled water bottle; style shown, Work, $24.99.
boots.jpg Sporto Boots Made from natural rubber, 30 per cent of which is recycled; white or green, sizes 7, 8 & 9; $79.99; from Grassroots.
cowpots.jpg Cow Pots Made from composted cow manure and natural fibres, odourless pots will biodegrade, adding organic nutrients to your soil; sold in sets of 12, two sizes: 3" square pot, $8.95; 4", $9.95, from Veseys. Photo courtesy of Veseys.
composter.jpg Composter 50-gallon, urn-shaped composter has a tea collection reservoir; comes with a compost turner; $199.99; from Garden Super Market.

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