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Get the inside scoop on what to look for when buying a hose nozzle

Front trigger spray nozzle
The Front Trigger nozzle features four distinct spray patterns: a soft spray for beds and borders, a bubble faucet (think kitchen sink taps) for container plants, a hard jet for cleaning tools and a flat jet for cleaning pathways and surfaces. Judith and I both felt certain that we would only have occasion to use the first two options, but we liked the design and feel of the tool, particularly the convenient placing of the flow-control valve and the on-off locking trigger, making water conservation well-nigh effortless. $39.99

Long neck nozzle
This nozzle represents good value for money: the handle guard and spray head are constructed of die-cast zinc, the dial produces eight spray patterns and it boasts a crush-resistant, glass-filled (for balance) nylon handle. The trigger guard minimizes accidental spraying and damage when dropped, and the lock-on water clip is easy to snap into place. Our main problem was that, at 14 centimetres, it just wasn't long enough. Given the nozzle's design for easy irrigation of hanging baskets and hard-to-reach window boxes, Judith and I both felt like munchkins and longed for another 20 centimetres. $13.99

Revolver nozzle (shown here)
Of all the spray nozzles that we tested, Judith and I quickly decided that this was the most versatile of the bunch and the one we'd most like to own. Turning the revolving turret on the spray gun produces nine different spray patterns: shower, fan, cone, mist, soaker, flat, angle, centre and jet. Featuring a strong, fibreglass-and-reinforced-nylon lever, a die-cast metal valve and ultra-comfortable, comb-style, rubber finger grips, this is a quality tool. $18

Quick-change gun
Judith and I both gave the Quick-Change a thumbs-up. Solidly constructed from zinc and brass, the rubber-coated finger grips are very comfortable for long periods of time. It's beautifully weighted-neither too light nor too heavy-and the thumb-operated flow-control lever can be easily adjusted without having to shift your grip. The four brass attachments (conventional variable nozzle, mister, gentle rain and flat spray) are easy to snap into place and should afford a lifetime of satisfaction, provided you don't misplace them! $26.50

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