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What gardeners want: Great gifts for green thumbs

Have a gardener on your gift list? We’ve got you covered, including the gift guaranteed to make every gardener drool

Aldona Satterthwaite, editor, Canadian Gardening, said it all:

gardenman.jpg"A good garden starts with great soil, and most of us have to cope with less-than-ideal growing conditions. For example, left to itself, the soil in my garden is quite lean and sandy, and I constantly have to amend it to maintain a high level of fertility. So for my money, the best thing you can get (and give) is a truckload of a high-quality soil amendments or mulch, such as compost, composted manure or a brand such as Gro-bark. And someone to spread it on my garden beds, please!"

If you’re on Sonia’s gift list, a young, strapping assistant willing to shovel compost is on his way.

Happy holidays!

Published December 2008

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