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Anatomy of a tool: The push mower

This eco-friendly garden tool, perfect for smaller lawns, has come a long way

Long before gas 
or electric mowers, 
push mowers were 
an efficient and reliable lawn main-tenance tool. Today, with new features added, we’re happy 
to report that these green machines 
can still cut it. 

The tool
Gardena hand cylinder mower (model 4020), shown above
Cutting width: 30 centimetres
Starting at: $159.99

The handle comes apart for easy storage or transportation.

The cutting height can be easily adjusted from 12 to 42 millimetres. Use the scales on either side of the mower to take note of your ideal cutting height.

Large wheels provide stability and ensure a better grip across uneven surfaces or while mowing uphill.

Since the cutting cylinder and bottom blade don’t touch, you’ll be happy with the even and quiet mowing experience.

Eco approved
Next time you mow the lawn, don’t bag the grass clippings. Short cuttings are a natural fertilizer, quickly releasing nutrients back into the soil.


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