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Eight essential tools for the garden

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This article appeared in May 2011 issue

CityTV garden and weather expert Frankie Flowers on all the tools you need to grow

5. Protector of palms, fingers and fingernails, garden gloves are our shield against some of the dangers of gardening. From the thorns of raspberry bushes to the pricks of thistles, garden gloves are most appreciated when we forget to put them on. Buy gloves made of breathable yet protective material with reinforced palms.

Canterbury garden glove image courtesy of Ethel Gloves

6. A garden knife for dividing, digging, cutting and removing. Weeds, watch out! The garden knife is the perfect tool to remove any garden blemish from root to tip. My current Fiskars garden knife even cuts through roots when removing or transplanting large shrubs! Look for one with a fitted grip, featuring both a smooth and serrated edge.

Hori hori knife image courtesy of Lee Valley Tools

7. A watering can for (obviously) watering, fertilizing and even (not so obviously) decorating. From indoors to out and small plots to large, watering cans are always useful. Easily quench the thirst of a dry container or mix a small batch of fertilizer for your baskets. I use an antique watering can to display a bouquet of flowers outside my door for an unexpected accent. My favourite? Fresh-cut alliums. Even after they dry, they still look fabulous at the front door!

Image courtesy of Shannon Ross

8. Hand pruners for controlling disease, promoting growth, harvest­ing cut flowers, controlling size and repairing damage. Pruners—or secateurs—are my maintenance mavericks! From bypass to anvil to floral snips, there is a pruner for every shape, size and type of plant. In terms of quality, you get what you pay for. A $9 pair of bypass pruners can last a day, whereas my favourite—a $50 pair of Felco #6—will last a lifetime!

Pruners image courtesy of Felco

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