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Five uncommon tools you'll want for the garden

Discover not-so-garden variety gear that you can add to your arsenal

uncommon-tools-wiggler.jpg4. Water wiggler: This battery-operated gadget gently stirs up shallow standing water so birds can bathe undisturbed but mosquitoes can't lay eggs. Because it runs on D batteries, you can place your water feature anywhere in the garden without having to factor in plumbing or running an electrical cord to a power outlet. Enjoy an old-fashioned birdbath or get creative with a pottery bowl, a favourite ceramic dish or another shallow object that takes your fancy. The wiggler works quietly so you can enjoy the birds without the buzz of mosquitoes.

Pictured here: WBU Water Wiggler
Available at: Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop
Price: $36.99

uncommon-tools-hori.jpg5. Hori Hori knife: With one serrated edge and a dished blade, this knife looks more at home in a medieval weaponry display than a garden shed. But the Japanese hori hori knife is an indispensable tool for planting, weeding and more. Acting as both a trowel and a knife, it's strong, sharp and versatile. Divide hostas, root out stubborn weeds, cut small roots or branches, and dig holes for planting annuals. Be warned, the blade is extremely sharp and cuts fingers as easily as tree roots.

Pictured here: Carbon-Steel Hori Hori Knife
Available at: Lee Valley Tools (photo courtesy of Lee Valley Tools
Price: $26.50 to $31.50

Charmian Christie is an avid gardener and home cook. When she's not digging in the dirt, she's charting her culinary adventures on her blog, Christie's Corner.


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