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Stock up on the hottest garden tools and essentials

Every gardener needs a first-aid kit, and so does every garden. Keep all the basics on hand for snipping, tying, fixing and identifying your precious plants.

Pack your tote with these items and avoid any gardening emergencies.

  • garden twine
  • permanent marker
  • paper for notes
  • glue
  • garden twine
  • permanent marker
  • paper for notes
  • glue
  • paper clips
  • plant ties
  • scissors
  • garden knife
  • resealable bags

Gloves, shown at top: Dig It Handwear.

Perfect pruners


Powergear Aluminum Bypass Pruners, Fiskars

Cost: $29.99
Rolling handles mimic our natural hand movement and the cushioned upper grip eases hand pressure.


Felco #2 Pruners, Felco

Cost: $59.95
Stephen Westcott-Gratton approvedĀ­. These classic, ergonomic pruners are a must for any gardener.


PXR Pruners, Bahco

Cost: $91.94
Angled blades mean less hand fatigue, reduced stress on your wrist and arm, and no blistering.

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