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Dayna Boyer

Save your back, knees and hands with special tools and tips to make gardening pain-free


5. Power rake

No ordinary rake, a rotating handgrip allows you to adjust the angle of raking that best suits you.
Price: $41.50
Available at: Lee Valley Tools

back-brace.jpg6. Back support belt

Bending, lifting and crouching in the garden can get tiresome on your back, so invest in a good-quality back support to take some of the stress off your lower back.
Price: $24.95
Available at: Kuny's

Back-Saver-Grip.jpg7. Back-saver grip

This ergonomic handle helps reduce back strain by changing the position of your grip and can be fitted to most straight-handled gardening tools.
Price: $11.50
Available at: Lee Valley Tools

shovel.jpg8. Shovel

The contours of this shovel and lightweight handle make it ideal for gardeners with joint pain or arthritis.
Price: $34.97
Available at: Copperhead

sitcky-gloves.jpg9. Bionic Classic Gardening Gloves

"'Sticky' gardening gloves protect your hands and decrease stress on your finger joints," says Roper. This particular product has been approved by the Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use program, a program that encourages manufacturers to design user-friendly products and packaging.
Price: $39.95
Available at: Bionic Glove

Finger-Free-Snips.jpg10. Fingers-Free Snips

The ergonomic pistol-grip handle of these scissors makes it the perfect pair for gardeners (or anyone) with joint pain in their fingers.
Price: $14.50
Available at: Lee Valley

Lee Valley product photos courtesy of Lee Valley Tools.

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