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Six hot garden tools for 2012


Add one or all of these to your garden shed to pull out when weeding, watering and doing other garden tasks

All wound up

This underground spiral hose box comes with a 10-metre flexible hose and an adjustable spray nozzle, which lets you clean and water without the mess of unrolling, untangling and then rolling your hose back up again. It also enables the use
of groundwater.

Gardena Underground Spiral Hose Box
Price: $90
Available at: Rona

Tiny bubbles
The Pure Rain nozzle and sprinkler add millions of microscopic oxygen­ated bubbles to ordinary hose water, making plants healthier, stronger and more disease resistant.

Pure Rain Water Station Plus Multi-Sprinkler
Pure Rain Reach Essentials Plus Adjustable Watering Nozzle
Available at: Canadian Tire

Stylish sips
Colourful and sculptural, this watering can is ready for its spotlight in the sun.

Diva Watering Can
Available at: Call
(514) 316-4560 for details

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