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Sow your seeds with a dibber

Amanda Etty
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Ryan Brook/TC Media

Save time planting with this handy garden tool.

A traditional garden aid, used for planting seeds since ancient times, the dibber still proves valuable alongside today's highly technical tools. The earliest handcrafted examples of dibbers were made from a piece of horn, bone or a simple branch carved into a point and hardened by the heat of a fire. Typically, one farmhand would walk ahead with the dibber making holes, while a second would plant seeds and fill the holes.

This handle, made of smooth ash from the FSC-approved forests in the hills of Slovakia, offers a good grip.

Made from high-quality carbon steel, the end is forged in Sweden using a heavy bar to weld it into the thickness and length needed. It’s then sent to the DeWit family factory, where a blacksmith sharpens all edges of the point to give it the right sharpness to easily pierce even the most stubborn soil.

Plunge the pointed end into the earth as deep as you want to plant seeds, seedlings or bulbs. If you require a larger hole, just swirl the dibber around.


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