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Make autumn cleanup easier with this hard-working, eco-friendly rake

It’s good to know that your garden tools are just as green as your thumb! The manufacturing of this recycled plastic rake produces 14 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar products made with virgin materials.

what-a-rake-inset.jpgGarant Enviro Poly Leaf Rake
Price: $11
Found at: Home Depot

1. Quality
Made out of
ash, this handle
is both green
and durable.

2. Practicality
Steel rakes have more of a grip to clean and lift heavy debris from your lawn. This rake, which has a plastic head, is perfect for picking up crunchy and light fall leaves.

3. Efficiency
The average number of tines on a rake head varies from 20 to 36; this one has 26. To cover more ground, it’s smart to choose a rake with more tines. An effective rake head collects from a broad area and gathers debris on the first sweep.

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