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What lawn mower will meet your grass cutting needs?

Anja Sonnenberg

The lowdown on choosing the right mower for your lawn

Option 4: Gas-powered lawn mowers

For large lawns up to half an acre in size, gas-powered mowers are ideal. They can easily handle uneven terrain and cut through thick, lush grass. Horsepower ranges between models, but most average around 6.5 horsepower. You also have the option of choosing between a two- or four-stroke engine. Although the two-stroke engine is more powerful, it wears out faster and requires a mix of oil and gasoline. The four stroke mower uses straight gasoline and produces less pollution.  Both two- and four-stroke mowers need regular refueling and an annual tune-up, which includes changing the oil, spark plugs and air filters.

Gas-powered lawn mowers are also available with a self-propel feature that can be set to accommodate your walking speed. This alleviates some of the effort needed to push the mower. You also opt for a mower that comes equipped with a bag, mulching feature and side-discharge of grass clippings option.

Option 5: The lawn tractor

Using a gas or electrical lawn mower to cut a large property can be exhausting so if your yard is larger than a half acre in size, you're probably going to wish you had a riding lawn mower. Lawn tractors are the most expensive option when it comes to purchasing a lawn mower, but they get the job done quickly and effortlessly. Aside from cutting grass, lawn tractors can also be used to pull small trailers and aerators.


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