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10 apps to help your garden grow

Anja Sonnenberg

Discover a world of gardening information, advice and photographs available at your fingertips

Gone are the days of lugging your plant encyclopedia books and notebooks into the garden. Now, you can enjoy quick and easy access to unlimited gardening information from your iPhone or iPod. Developers are continually releasing new garden apps, but how do you know which ones are worth your time and money? Here are 10 fun and informative garden-related apps for your iPhone and iPod touch.

1. Grow Your Own by Royal Horticultural Society

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The Grow Your Own application is specifically designed to help you grow your own fruits and vegetables. Although the plant information is tailored to gardening in the U.K., Canadian gardeners can benefit from advice on choosing plants based on your gardening expertise, your available space in the garden and amount of time you have to spend caring for your plants. The free app includes 20 fruits and vegetables, but an upgrade can be purchased which includes 16 additional plants.

2. Gardening Toolkit - the easy way to garden! by Applied Objects

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novice to expert
The Gardening Toolkit takes into account where you live, what season it is and when frosts are likely, making it ideal for Canadian gardeners. When you add a new plant to the garden, this app will remind you when the plant will be blooming. For gardening information at your fingertip, the Gardening Toolkit offers a plant encyclopedia with over 800 herbs, flowers and vegetables. Each plant includes detailed plant info and photographs. You can also add your own photos to personalize the Gardening Toolkit.

3. Houseplant 411 by JAMF Enterprises

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novice to expert
This full-service houseplant encyclopedia includes care instructions, photos, tips and remedies for all your indoor gardening needs.  Perfect for novice and expert gardeners alike, the Houseplant 411 search feature allows you to enter the specific lighting and decorating conditions in your home to help you choose a plant that will thrive in the that environment. Developed by a professional plantscaper and interior plant designer, this app includes an ask-the-expert feature called ‘Ask Judy', so specific plant needs can be addressed.


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