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10 apps to help your garden grow

Anja Sonnenberg

Discover a world of gardening information, advice and photographs available at your fingertips

4. Vegetable Gardening Guide by Rampart Software Development

Gardening skill: novice to expert
This app includes everything you need to grow your own vegetables. The Vegetable Gardening Guide includes step-by-step instructions, illustrations, hyperlinked gardening information and a glossary of terms. It includes growing season information for Canada, as well as nutritional information for vegetables and tasty recipes.

5. Landscaper's Companion by Stevenson Software, LLC

Cost: $9.99
Gardening skill: novice to expert
This app offers a reference guide of over 1,400 plants, including trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. Ranked as the Top 10 Reference App in Canada in April 2010, the Landscaper's Companion offers a rich search feature, custom offline content and detailed plant information.

Additional plants and images are added periodically as free upgrades. With over 5,700 high-quality images, this app is sure to help you with all your gardening needs. Since you don't need an Internet connection to use it, it's extremely helpful when shopping at a garden centre to look up information on specific plants. Although the price tag is a little pricier than other apps, the Landscaper's Companion is easy to navigate and use.

6. Master Gardener by MobileWorks LLC

Cost: $3.99
Gardening skill: novice to expert
Master Gardener's 30,000-plant database is focused onNorth America, making it ideal for Canadian gardeners. It allows you to record information on multiple gardens, eliminating the need to carry around a notebook while you're gardening.  Designed by gardeners, this app is a portable garden plant tracker, gardening to-do list, planner and journal.


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