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10 apps to help your garden grow

Anja Sonnenberg

Discover a world of gardening information, advice and photographs available at your fingertips

7. Gardening for Beginners by LoL Software

Cost: $0.99
Gardening skill: novice
Unlike other gardening apps, Gardening for Beginners offers hints and tricks to create a thriving garden by using videos shared on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. The app's creators have selected some of the highest quality and most informative videos available. An Internet connection is required, which can sometimes be frustrating if you're trying to watch a video as a tutorial in the garden where you may not have wireless access.

8. Garden Insects by Natural Guides, LLC

Cost: $0.99
Gardening skills: novice to expert
If you're looking for an app to help you identify insects in your garden, the Garden Insect app can help.  It features 18 of the most common garden insects that you're likely to find in your garden. Illustrations of full-grown adult insects and their larvae stages are included, (as well as descriptions of damage they can cause) to help you identify the pest in your garden. Natural remedies to discourage and eradicate insects are also included.

9. Gardening News and Updates Reader by Liam Campbell

Cost: $0.99
Gardening skill: novice to expert
Blogs are becoming one of the most popular ways to gain helpful advice. The Gardening News and Updates Reader app allows you to follow your favourite gardening blogs, while suggesting new ones that might inspire you. An Internet connection is required to add blogs or load new posts, but once your iPhone or iPod has downloaded the content, you can read your favourite blogs offline.

10. Flower Pedia by Mull Mobile

Cost: $4.99
Garden skill: novice to expert
With over 1,500 photos of flowers, this app is sure to inspire. Each picture includes the flower genus and family names, identifying features and related species. It's perfect for a rainy day when you're looking for some garden inspiration.


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