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Book review: An Illustrated Guide to Maples

by Sonia Day, Key Porter Books,
144 pages, softcover, $21.95.

If you're like me and are part of the growing number of apartment dwellers, then you've probably pondered the sad possibility of a garden-less future. Well, don't put away your trowel yet, because in her new book, The Urban Gardener Indoors, author and Master Gardener Sonia Day shows readers that it's possible to create an indoor oasis.

From easy-to-grow houseplants to how to force spring bulbs, the author aims to help you make your indoor gardening space as lush, diverse and interesting as an outdoor one. Sensitive to the specific concerns of the indoor gardener, Day provides detailed information on hassle-free plants, keeping foliage clean and the best flowering indoor plants. Though very experienced gardeners may find some material too basic, all will appreciate Day's solutions to problems that plague most indoor green thumbers: dry heat, stubborn insects and scarce natural light.

With inspiring planting suggestions such as growing pineapples indoors and creating cascading tomato vines, having my green space confined by four walls doesn't make me feel so blue.

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