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Book review: Home Ground: Sanctuary in the City

A book about gardens that thrive in the bustling city

Home Ground: Sanctuary in the City

By Dan Pearson
Photography by Howard Sooley

The British know a thing or two about creating lush gardens in tiny spaces, and they know how to cultivate a garden that seems to have always been there, even if it's just a year old. Sure, all that rain helps to keep things green and mossy, but it's the English aesthetic that's the essence of an English garden: free form, magical and deeply rooted in the past.

And though this book does feature many plants best suited to the gentler, more moderate U.K. climate, the basic tenants of good gardening know no borders. This beautiful book-a gardener's diary, season to season-is full of tips and how tos, but mostly it's full of inspiration.

What makes this book unique

Acclaimed landscape and garden designer Dan Pearson invites readers to come along on his year-long journey as he wrangles an untended urban lot from overgrown brambles to a wonderland of ornamental blooms and salad greens.

Photographer Howard Sooley documents Pearson's day-to-day trials, travails and triumphs with 300 gorgeous colour photos. A cluster of butterfly eggs on the petal of a pelargenium, poppy seeds germinating inside a lacy, dried pod, a snail inching up a dead stalk, a birdbath crowded with fallen autumn leaves and possibly the loveliest, salmon-pink iris, fulva, keep us turning the pages.

Publisher: Conran Octopus


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