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Book Review: Making Arbors & Trellises

Making Arbors & Trellises
by Marcianne Miller and Olivier Rollin,
Lark Books, 144 pages,
hardcover, $39.

Structures for the garden are popular, but construction costs can be prohibi-tive. With a “yes you can” attitude, the authors of this book present 25 attractive, practical and decorative DIY projects for home gardeners.

The degrees of difficulty of the arbour and trellis designs range from an easy wood-and-wire arrangement to a much more complex plantation-style pergola. According to the authors, all the projects can be constructed without a shop full of power tools-although it's perhaps a little ambitious to consider tackling the larger arbours wielding only a handsaw as suggested.

One project that stands out is a conversation arbour. With its face-to-face benches and sheltering sides, this arbour is as much a retreat as it is a gateway. Build it and you'll have a quiet spot to read a book or chat with a friend.

Scattered throughout the text are thoughtful recommendations for choosing arbour- and trellis-friendly plants, accompanied by a number of attractive photographs.

Making Arbors & Trellises has a good combination of tasteful projects, complete with measured drawings, clear illustrations and information for planting climbers. It would be a useful addition to any woodworker's or gardener's library.
-- Paul Lewis

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