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Book Review: Tomorrow's Garden

Tomorrow's Garden
Design and Inspiration for a New Age of Sustainable Gardening
By Stephen Orr

What does a modern garden look like? According to Stephen Orr, gardening editorial director for Martha Stewart Living, it’s not over-the-top or ornate; and it’s not filled with expensive imported plants or hardscapes. Rather, "tomorrow’s garden" (which happens to be the name of Orr’s book) is sustainable, organic, indigenous, self-sufficient and, most importantly, beautiful—naturally.

Orr travelled from coast to coast to find the 14 gardens shown in Tomorrow’s Garden. From an East Coast cutting garden to a water-saving cottage garden in Los Angeles, he demonstrates how responsible gardeners are reshaping modern practices to form a seamless balance between aesthetic appeal and environmental consciousness. With an eye on water usage, organic growing, local ecology, resource preservation and beauty, Orr accompanies each case study with detailed plant lists, gardening instructions, tips and gorgeous photographs (taken by Orr himself).

What can you take away from the book? Here are five principles to put into practice:

1. Grow organically: Without harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, you must allow for imperfections.

2. Go native: Research and select plants that will thrive (but not overtake) where you live so you can cut back on water, fertilizer and fussing.

3. Plan it: Consider how your garden is going to be used. Make sure the purpose and plan of your garden suits your lifestyle. Will you eat outdoors? Do you entertain? Do you have children or pets? Do you need to create privacy?

4. Share the wealth: Community gardens boost engagement and interaction between neighbours.

5. Appreciate beauty: Most importantly, grow for pleasure. Garden because you love it and create a space that makes you happy.

Price: $29
Publisher: Rodale Books


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