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Book Review: Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose,
American Rose Society (edited by Beth Smiley and Ray Rogers);
Dorling Kindersley Publishing Inc.;
hardcover; 160 pages;

“Wow, a coffee table book with substance,” was my initial reaction to this book. I felt like I could touch and even smell the roses as I turned the pages. The flowers are presented against white or black backgrounds in photographs of exceptional quality and colour accuracy. Since the American Rose Society produced this book, correct identification and accurate information can be expected.

The history of the rose came to life, and rose facts and trivia grabbed me as I browsed. Wild and cultivated rose classes are described alongside photos of the best from each group. The rose growing section provides concise and easy-to-understand text accompanied by clear, how-to photos. A glossary of rose terms and brief but inspiring sections on floral arranging and drying blooms are included.

While not a comprehensive book on rose cultivars, it provides a taste of the best.
--Dennis Eveleigh

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