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Essential gardening books for 2010

Tara Nolan

Add one or all of these fantastic new gardening tomes to your library


City Farmer
Adventures in Urban Food Growing
By Lorraine Johnson

Any urban dweller who is thinking they need to move to the country to assuage their rural yearnings for more acreage should read City Farmer. Lorraine takes an analytical look at some exciting food-growing initiatives happening in North American cities—who would have thought Detroit is a mecca for urban farming?—that will motivate you to take action in your own. Closer to home, Lorraine explains how a lack of space and sunlight should not discourage you from reaping a delicious harvest and encourages you to seek gardening and harvesting opportunities outside of your own growing area.

What makes this book unique: Lorraine’s examples of urban growing will make you see your city in a whole new light. Pretty soon you, too, will be making pestos and spanakopitas out of edible urban weeds!

Price: $19.95
Publisher: Greystone Books


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