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Anna Getty's Easy Green Organic
Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well
By Anna Getty

This new organics primer/cookbook lays the foundation of greening your kitchen before sending you to the farmer’s market, your vegetable patch or the grocery store for the ingredients you need to create Anna’s delicious, healthy recipes. You’ll want to use the curry vinaigrette from the Beet and watercress salad with walnuts on everything from fish to fresh greens and the Carrot and cashew soup with parsley oil has only a handful of ingredients, but is packed with flavour.

What makes this book unique: Without being preachy, Anna provides helpful (and budget-friendly) tips you can take to the supermarket to make informed choices about what you buy, such as which fruits and veggies contain the most pesticides. It will also you encourage to plant your own organic produce. The recipes don’t use hard-to-find ingredients and are easy to make.

Price: $29.95
Publisher: Chronicle Books

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