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Heart and soul

Aldona Satterthwaite
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Getting to the heart of gardening passion

My Natural History: The Evolution of a Gardener
by Liz Primeau, Greystone Books, 240 pages, hardcover, $28.95.

Anyone who counts Liz as a friend knows she’s warm, vivacious, gutsy and a straight shooter. Reading this book is a lot like having a chat with her. In this lively, candid account, Liz gets to the heart of her personal gardening passion, addressing triumphs and failures with equal relish, interspersing useful tips, bits of wisdom, anecdotes about her experiences as host of Canadian Gardening television (for example, in cold weather she learned to wear long johns under her nifty TV outfits) and observations spanning her decades-long love affair with gardening.

Along the way, Liz also shares details about her debilitating struggle with anxiety and panic attacks as a young woman—a surprise, as few of my friends come across as calmer and more level-headed. And an inspiration—for if Liz has overcome this, surely others can as well.

The founding editor of this magazine, Liz is a great raconteur and a terrific writer. This is a thoroughly enjoyable autobiography from one of Canada’s gardening doyennes.

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