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45 gift ideas for gardeners

Christina Selby
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Roger Yip

From fun to fabulous, practical to pampering, you'll find plenty of ideas for the gardener on your list

[22] Fancy slougher and softening cream duo for gardener's hands. Try Gardeners 60-Second Fix from Crabtree & Evelyn

[23] Membership to a botanical garden or subscription to a scholarly garden journal, such as the Royal Horticultural Society's The Plantsman

[24] Really great gardening clogs

[25] An appointment with a landscape maintenance company for a big spring or fall cleanup

[26] Sturdy sweater for cool weather chores. If you're not scared of vintage, nothing beats a 1950s or 1960s curling cardigan with Canadian outdoor motifs

[27] Botanical prints, nicely framed. (Aldona's 18th-century prints came from an auction, but try flea markets, estate sales or even making your own)

[28] Wall fountain (preferably old and marble). Check architectural antiquarians (but not if four figures makes you blanch)

[29] Indoor grow light unit

[30] Glamorous, top-quality Victorian conservatory. $40,000 to sky's the limit. Or, a miniature version filled with houseplants is just as nice! For a full-sized conservatory, try: Tropical Sunrooms and Classic Wood Conservatories

[31] Zinc or lead plant markers to add a classy, stately home touch

[32] Supple, black, rubber soaker hose

[33] Garden-inspired knobs and pulls. $2.95 (shown on next page)

[34] Colourful rain barrel

[35] Hand tool sharpener

[36] The services of a professional arborist to give shrubs or trees a good pruning

[37] Pretty vegetable-based soaps

[38] Garden lighting (do-it-yourself set or installed)

[39] Gorgeous weather vane, sensational sundial or beautiful bird bath

[40] A truckload of triple mix.

[41] Fancy bath salts (or a season's worth of Epsom salts in a handsome galvanized bucket)

[42] Water timer for your hose

43] Flower-power beads

[44] Donation to a charitable relief agency ($60 buys fruit trees for an African family)

[45] A subscription to Canadian Gardening magazine.

Published May 2008

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