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Nose in a book
Every year, there are many tempting new gardening tomes from which to choose. Here are a few of the latest (the Canadian titles are 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8):

1. A Place in the Rain: Designing the West Coast Garden, Advice from Over 40 Experts, edited by Michael Lascelle, Whitecap Books, 222 pages, softcover, $29.95

2. Best Rose Guide: A Comprehensive Selection by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix, Firefly, 288 pages, hardcover, $49.95

3. Best Trees and Shrubs for the Prairies by Hugh Skinner and Sara Williams, Fifth House Ltd., 214 pages, softcover, $22.95

4. Hydrangeas for American Gardens by Michael A. Dirr, Timber Press, 236 pages, hardcover, $39.95

5. Indoor Plant Gardening for Canada by Laura Peters, Lone Pine Press, 264 pages, softcover, $21.95

6. Meadows by Christopher Lloyd, Timber Press, 192 pages, hardcover, $39.95

7. There is a Season: A Memoir in a Garden by Patrick Lane,
McLelland & Stewart, hardcover, 309 pages, $34.99

8. What Grows Where in Canadian Gardens, editor-in-chief, Trevor Cole, DK, hardcover (pocket size), 576 pages, $25

Published May 2008

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