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Gifts for gardeners

Pretty and practical gifts for new gardeners. Product photography by Roger Yip, styling by Kerry Burstyn.

pruners-and-sharpener.jpgPruners and sharpener

Top quality Felco #7 ergonomic secateurs with rotating handles, left, from $56

growing-kit.jpgGrowing kit

Exotic edible flower garden, by Eco-Culture/ Seracon, right, $20


Kate's Flowers coir hair mat from Tag, 18" x 30", left, $26


hand-care.jpgHand care

Gardener Intensive Care Repair Kit with hand scrub and cream from The Thymes, right, 4 fl. oz. each, $28



Sturdy Dutch trowel with hardwood handle and tempered steel blade from Gardenscape, left, $25


All prices and availability current as of publication, June 2007. Prices and availability may vary. 

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