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What gardeners want: Great gifts for green thumbs

Have a gardener on your gift list? We’ve got you covered, including the gift guaranteed to make every gardener drool

Regardless of whether you are a master gardener or consider mowing the lawn ‘landscaping,’ buying for other gardeners can be tricky. To ease holiday horticulture anxiety, we asked gardeners from all walks of life—from master to modest—what they most want to find under the tree come Christmas morning.

Best gifts to get:

Stephen Westcott-Gratton, consulting editor, Canadian Gardening magazine

FELCO-22.jpg"My first choice for a gardening tool for Christmas would have to be a new pair of Felco #2 pruning shears (secateurs, left). Felco is a Swiss company and they make at least eight different models, but #2s are the standard. In my opinion, they are simply the best pruners in the world; widely available, although somewhat pricey."

Shawn Gallaugher, landscape architect/designer

"For Christmas, I’d like to have a tree donated to the U of T campus where I studied landscape architecture.” The University of Toronto is aiming to add 3,000 new trees to its downtown campus with the Tree Donation program. For a minimum $750 donation, a tree is purchased, planted, and regularly fertilized, watered and pruned for the life of the tree. Donors can choose the species—mostly native to the area—or the location on campus where it to be planted."

Lorraine Flanigan, consulting editor, Canadian Gardening magazine

Garden-Scissors227.jpg"The best stocking stuffer is a new item from Dramm. This compact pair of garden scissors nestles comfortably in your hand and slips conveniently into a pocket (right)."

Gayla Trail, founder,

Flasher.jpg"This planter (left) appeals both to my sense of the absurd and a love for dioramas. Sure it's a bit pricey for a pot, but this is art! Save it for your favourite houseplant and get a little giggle every time you water."

Sonia Day, writer, painter, master gardener

"My dream gift for Christmas would be a young, strapping male with meaty thighs and a willingness to fulfil my every desire—but mostly to dig, dig, dig."

Deanna Dority, senior editor, Canadian Gardening magazine

"My personal wish is a gift certificate for the services of a landscape architect to design a garden plan. I don’t need a strapping young man to do all the work, though, because my husband can fill that role (albeit, not necessarily the ‘young’ part)."

Tara Nolan, web editor,

Rose-Glove.jpg"Since I’m just a wee bit frightened of the giant thorns on my rosebush, I’d love a pair of thick gloves (right) that will protect my hands when I try to tame the beast come spring. I also saw these really cute patterned tools from London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. They’re so pretty I probably wouldn’t want to get them dirty!"

Anne Marie Van Nest, horticultural editor, Canadian Gardening magazine 

"What I would really like to have as an ideal Christmas gift—the extravagant gift—is a garden shed complete with potting bench, indoor plumbing and storage for my lawn mower, wheelbarrow and tools."

Hort-F.gifSandra MacGregor, acting senior editor, Canadian Gardening magazine

"I liked the jewlery from our Winter 2009 Hort Courture." No one said gardeners don't like to be glam now and again! Jewellery by Jenny Greco from the One of a Kind Show and Sale. Rings, $180 each. Bracelet, $300.

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