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Arrange a succulent hanging basket

Paul Zammit
Photography by
Edward Pond

Tender and winter-hardy succulents create a unique display

Clever container fixes for every problem area

Condition: Shade/low light
Container solution: Bold and dramatic pots. Consider the colour of the container to also add impact.
Plant solution: Ferns, caladiums, impatiens, tuberous begonias, browallias, boxwoods, ivies, deadnettles (Lamium), hostas, shade-tolerant grasses

Condition: Hot and dry
Container solution: Deep containers with large soil capacity, made from resin, cast-iron, terracotta, concrete or fibreglass
Plant solution: Hardy and tropical succulents, such as sedums, echeverias, agaves, geraniums (Pelargonium spp.), cannas, fibrous begonias, portulacas, gazanias, selected ornamental grasses, phormiums

Condition: Limited ground space
Container solution: Hanging baskets and window boxes that can be supported and attached to overhead or vertical surfaces
Plant solution: Select a mixture of upright and cascading plant material suitable or the light levels

Condition: Windy exposure
Container solution: Avoid lightweight, porous containers. Use heavier options, such as cast-iron, terracotta, concrete or fibrestone
Plant solution: Ornamental grasses, cabbage palms, ivies, geraniums, portulacas, fibrous begonias. Avoid plant material with large, thin foliage

Paul Zammit is the director of horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Watch him demonstrate his container planting prowess step by step.

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