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Choose reds and whites for a patriotic planter

Christine Hanlon
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

Find a rustic container for this classic, country-style combo

You can never go wrong with the classic combo of red and white. It’s fresh yet still casual, and conveys major summer style. Whether you’re living large by the lake or prefer a quiet country retreat, try this eye-catching mix of red geraniums and begonias with white dahlias and sun-loving vinca. White and blue lobelia make a charming accent around the edge of this rustic barrel container.


Plant list
  • 1. Calliope Dark Red geranium (Pelargonium ‘Amri Trared’)
  • 2. ‘Olympic Red’ Rieger begonia (Begonia [Hiemalis Group] ‘Olympic Red’)
  • 3. Hello! Gorgeous White dahlia (Dahlia Hello! Gorgeous Series)
  • 4. ‘Titan Pure White’ vinca (Catharanthus roseus Titan Series)
  • 5. ‘Regatta White’ trailing lobelia (Lobelia erinus ‘Regatta White’)
  • 6. ‘Marine Blue’ trailing lobelia (Lobelia erinus ‘Marine Blue’)

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