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Crazy container ideas for flowers and herbs

Get creative when selecting the vessels you'll use to display your plants

A true gardener never lets a lack of green space stand between her and fresh herbs, tasty veggies or pretty posies. Raising our own food is more popular than ever. Folks with limited space and an even more limited budget are finding cool and creative ways to re-purpose vessels and turn them into planters. The results are clever, whimsical and sometimes downright eccentric.

The only limit is your own vision and creativity, but there are some dos and don’ts you should heed.

Don’t choose vessels that formerly held noxious substances.

Don’t grow potatoes in an old, plastic gasoline can. Certain materials can hold and leach toxins. Do a bit of research about what was in that barrel, bucket or bin before you got it.

Don’t plant in pressure-treated wood. It’s impregnated with toxic chemical preservatives.

Do make sure to drill some drainage holes in the bottom of our chosen container, or create an inner layer of rubble for drainage. No one likes wet feet—especially plants!

Do consider the needs of the plant. A perennial may do well and survive the winter if the container is big enough. But, will the container stand the freezing and thawing?

Do use potting soil, not triple mix or top soil, it’s too heavy and will get compacted, stifling the roots.

Do start collecting bubble wrap and other plastic—it makes great lining!

Do be prepared to water more often. 

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