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Crazy container ideas for flowers and herbs

Get creative when selecting the vessels you'll use to display your plants

With these rules of thumb, you’re ready to let your imagination run wild! To get you started, here are a few of the coolest containers we’ve ever seen.

Bicycle basket

Line the basket with coco fibre or sphagnum moss, a layer of plastic is optional, fill with soil, then plant. Baskets can be attached to garden fences or on the bike for a moveable feast!

Window seat
This is a stunning addition to any sunny room in the house – and just imagine, your very own hot house tomatoes—all year ‘round! If you’re blessed with a sunny bay window and cushy window seat, but no time to lounge, turn it into a planter. Take off the top, line the inside with thick, plastic pond liner, add drainage rubble, light potting soil, then plant.

Shopping bag dispenser
You know the ones—Ikea sells one for a couple of bucks—it’s a plastic cylinder with holes, a closed bottom and open top, and it’s perfect for herbs, annuals or strawberries. Hang on a sunny wall outside, line a couple of the holes with coco fibre, fill with potting soil and plant.

You might already have a rickety old chair wooden chair in the shed or you might find the perfect one at a garage sale. Just cut out the seat so that it safely supports the lip of a terra cotta planter. Fill with soil and plant. Instant charm!

Kettles, teapots, teacups and other worn-out kitchen stuff
Chipped china, rusty kettles and even an old clay baker, all make fun planters. A bundt pan is perfect around the base of a table umbrella. Again, the main thing is drainage. Always add a layer of something at the bottom—gravel, broken bits of terra cotta—so the water can drain away from the roots.

Leaky rain boots or crocs
This is so cute! And a great way to get the kiddies stoked about gardening. Rain boots add a spot of whimsy to a veg patch – whether you place one pair on the ground or nail a whole gang to the fence in a fun arrangement. Here, drainage is easy: just make some holes in the soles.

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