Gardens - Container Gardening

Take a basic black container and spice it up with plants to suit your style and space

Focus on formal
Conditions: Part shade; keep evenly moist
A topiary as a focal point in a container adds a touch of formality to a mixed planting. This elegant combination would look striking beside a front entrance. Prune brush cherry to maintain its shape.

Plants used
  • Plum-, pale plum- and white-flowered calibrachoa (Calibrachoa cvs.)
  • ‘Emerald Falls’ dichondra (Dichondra argentea ‘Emerald Falls’)
  • Topiary brush cherry (Eugenia myrtifolia)
  • Variegated English ivies (Hedera helix cvs.)
  • Trailing purple verbenas (such as Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’)

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