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Spring showstopper: Tulips and hydrangeas

Christine Hanlon
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

Plant this pastel container for your front entrance, or as an eye-catching table arrangement

Instead of the typical floral arrangement to decorate the centre of your table, opt for a look-at-me container. This tabletop urn bursting with fresh blooms in an appealing mix of sorbet hues is a pretty and simple way to welcome the season. Ivory tulips and calla lilies are nestled between clusters of large blue hydrangeas for a truly charming effect.

Plant list
  • Blue bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla cv.)
  • ‘Ivory Floradale’ tulips (Tulipa ‘Ivory Floradale’)
  • ‘Intimate Ivory’ calla lily (Calla [Callafornia Calla Series] ‘Intimate Ivory’)
  • Natural midelino sticks
  • Green preserved Spanish moss

Step 1: Select a container with adequate drainage holes and cover with a piece of landscape fabric (available at garden centres) to prevent the soil from washing out of the bottom.

Step 2: Partly fill your container with an all-purpose potting mix that contains fertilizer.

Step 3:
Start with the hydrangeas in the centre and then add the tulips and calla lilies around the edge, alternating varieties as you work around the urn. Adjust the soil height so the tops of the root balls are just below the rim and firm down.

Step 4: Insert four bundles of midelino sticks into the urn at opposite points and secure at the top with wired wool.

Step 5: Fill in any gaps with moss. Water well and place in a partly shaded location.

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